Located right off of Gateway Rd. at Drake Street, Allhër apartments are within a short walking distance to Yaletown, the West End, and English Bay. This central location situates Ahllër close to numerous restaurants, café's, retail shops and city parks such as George Wainborn Park, David Lam Park and even Sunset Beach Park.  

3940 Gateway Rd. Brookefield, Vancouver 53045

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We were so fortunate to have found Sam when we moved to Van. As our Realtor, he helped us find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price.

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On March 16, 2020, as the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was being realized across the globe, 3BL Media began waiving fees for the use of CSRwire as business leaders stepped forward to help.

In the month that followed, more than 500 press releases were distributed to CSRwire’s global audience. These included charitable donations, innovative solutions to the lack of personal protective equipment and medical treatments for COVID-19, and pledges to address the social impact of the pandemic. The top viewed news belonged to Johnson & Johnson announcing a lead vaccine candidate for COVID-19.  

Read the full feed here

We are pleased to have been able to assist communications professionals to drive awareness of their work during a critical time. 

Our free press release distribution program will end on April 17, 2020.  After that date, CSRwire editors will continue to monitor the inbound queue of COVID-19 press releases emailed to for content that is both global in focus and innovative in nature.  Select releases will continue to be distributed at no charge.  

On behalf of the 3BL Media team, we wish you all the best as you, your families and your companies respond to the crisis. Stay safe. 

Welcome to Network Effect, a series of conversations that spur vital action on the most pressing issues of the moment. 

While each Network Effect is unique, every event will convene corporate leaders and practitioners for critical dialogue on a diverse range of sustainability and social impact issues.  

Join us for Network Effect: Mondelēz at Mondelēz International Global Headquarters on May 2 from 9 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Throughout the morning you'll hear from leading brands as we explore innovative and collaborative solutions to the biggest challenges facing people and the planet today. 

Attendees will not only gain insights from industry leaders but also have the chance to expand their professional networks and join a community committed to mutual learning, fostering meaningful transformations both locally and globally. 

Register at no cost through the form on this page. 

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May 2, 2024, from 9 to 11:00 a.m.
at Mondelēz International Global Headquarters

Network Effect: Mondelēz

Network Effect: Mondelēz Agenda

9 am
Breakfast, Coffee & Conversation

9:30 am
Welcome Remarks
Tracey Noe, VP of External Communications, Mondelēz
Nick Graham, SVP Global Head of Insights & Analytics, Mondelēz

9:35 am
What Today’s Consumers Want from CPG Brands
Nick Graham, SVP Global Head of Insights & Analytics, Mondelēz
Brian Choi, Managing Partner / CEO, The Food Institute 
Maura Kolkmeyer, Kantar 

Consumers say they're interested in sustainable products and brands. Even in a tough economy, many are even willing to pay more for them. But how do consumers determine which products are sustainable, and what are they looking for from today's brands? In this conversation moderated by Nick Graham, SVP Global Head of Insights & Analytics at Mondelez, we'll take a closer look at what consumers are saying. We'll unpack some key insights from Mondelez's fifth annual State of Snacking Report, and we'll hear from leaders at Kantar about the consultancy's recent research around consumer behavior. Brian Choi, Managing Partner/CEO of The Food Institute, will bring additional context around how food brands can continue to reach consumers in an increasingly challenging economic environment.

9:50 am
How CPG Brands Can Be Positive Partners for Health
Tracey Noe, VP of External Communications, Mondelēz
Sandy Morreale, Manager Nutrition Strategy & Communications and Registered Dietician, Mondelēz
Adelaide Feuer, EVP Edelman/Edible and Registered Dietician 
Michele Lefebvre, Nutrition & Wellbeing Manager and Registered Dietician, Barilla America 

As consumers become more health conscious, today’s food brands are challenged to become positive partners in helping people live healthier and more mindful lifestyles. But how can brands rise to the occasion? In this conversation, we’ll hear from brand leaders and registered dieticians about what consumers want and need when it comes to health and how brands are responding.

10:05 am
Meeting Consumer Demand for Sustainability
Mary Mazzoni, Executive Editor & VP, Content, TriplePundit & 3BL
Susanne Mathis, Sr. Director Sustainability, Mondelēz
Simonne Dubois, Director of Foresight, Kantar
John Hanselman, Chief Strategy Officer, Vanguard Renewables

How can brands meet the demand for sustainable products while empowering their customers to create positive change? Susanne Mathis, Senior Director of Sustainability at Mondelez, and John Hanselman, Chief Strategy Officer, at Vanguard Renewables, will speak to how their companies are responding, as well as sector-wide collaboration in the CPG industry. Simonne Dubois, director of foresight and innovation at Kantar, will join the conversation to discuss how brands can leverage behavioral science to empower consumers to close the "say/do gap" on sustainable behavior change.

10:25 am
Innovating for the future of the CPG sector
Brian Choi, Managing Partner/CEO, The Food Institute

Nick Graham SVP Insights & Analytics, Mondelēz
Amy Jones, VP of R&D for North America, Griffith Foods

Today’s consumers are seeking different options than what was popular in the past. Meanwhile, companies in the global food system are challenged to feed more people on less land under increasing threats of climate change. All of this adds up to one thing: a massive need for innovation around the future of food. In this conversation, we’ll hear from industry innovators about their fresh new ideas to navigate macroeconomic trends while serving consumers with the cutting-edge products they’re looking for.

11:00 - 11:30 am
Closing Remarks & Networking 

Mondelēz International Global Headquarters
905 W Fulton Market 
Chicago, IL 60607

Getting to the Event